Landlord Certification (EICRS)

Electrical Installation Condition Reports, otherwise known as Landlord Certification are the process in which an electrical installation is inspected to advise on its continued use. 

The Reports comprise of a series of electrical tests and visual inspections to determine wether an installation complies with the current British Standards (17th Edition). If any observation/faults are found they are graded and clearly explained within the report. 

There are a possible three classifications for each observation found, those are; 

C1 – Danger Present; Risk of injury, Immediate remedial action required. 
C2 – Potentially dangerous; Urgent remedial action required. 
C3 – Impovement recommended. 

In an ideal world any and all observations found on a condition report are subsequently remedied, however given that any ‘C3’ observations are only classed as ‘Improvement recommended’, for an installation to be classed as ‘Satisfactory’ only any C1 and C2 observations need to be remedied in the timescales stated by either the insurer or the client ordering the works. Any C1 observations are isolated immediately out of the interest of safety and the client is issued with a ‘dangerous condition notification’ form. 

The current British Standards recommended interval between condition reports are as follows; 

Domestic – 10 years or change of occupancy. 
Commercial – 5 years or change of occupancy. 
Agricultural/Horticultural – 3 years. 

Many insurers often state their own required interval between reports so be sure to check yours to confirm your currently covered by your policy. 

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If your a Commercial customer why not check out our blog post on ‘Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Reports’ for further information here.

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