Loxone Smart Homes

Collison Electrical Services are pleased to announce we have started the process of partnering up with leading Smart Homes Technology manufacturer and supplier Loxone.

This exciting development means our staff will be trained in the design, installation and maintenance of the complete Loxone range. We will then have access to Loxone’ entire catalogue of products offered allowing us to pass on knowledge and carry out Smart Home installations throughout the West Midlands and Mid Wales using the highest quality materials.

For those unsure as to what a Smart Home is – in Loxones own words its simply ‘Autopilot Living’.

We use the term ‘autopilot’ generally to differentiate from the term ‘control’, when you switch a light switch, change the temperature on a heating thermostat or turn the volume up on a radio – your ‘controlling’ the appliance. With a Smart Home we take that control aspect and automate it;

  • You may only want the lighting to operate when your in the room and only after a certain amount of natural sunlight has been lost for the day, with Loxones Mini Server, Motion Sensor and Weather Station your Smart Home would be able to detect occupants entering a room, forecast dusk timings and adjust lighting levels to compensate for the amount of natural light lost in the room, all this without even the touch of a button – Autopilot Living.

  • You may have a single living/tv room which is occupied by friends and family for movie nights, what a waste it would then be to change your thermostat and heat your whole property to your set level – and what temperature should you actually set the thermostat to to compensate for all the additional occupants? With Loxones Smart Home Temperature and Humidity sensors along with Motion Sensors your home will answer all these questions before you’ve had a chance to think about them. Using intelligent Switches/Actuators your Smart Home can heat each occupied room individually regardless of the heating technology (underfloor/radiators/MVHR). Over time your Smart Home will even learn (yes it learns!) how long it will take to warm each room to its desired comfortable temperature for the number of occupants in the property allowing the heating system to warm said room before your guests have even sat down with their popcorn, all this without even the touch of a button – Autopilot Living.

  • You may have a single Hifi system setup in that same Living Room but what if your then starting to prepare dinner in the Kitchen and you want to bring your music with you? Do you turn the volume up in the Living Room to compensate and have the debate with whoever else is in the room as to why they should educate themselves better with Tina Turners greatest hits? Perhaps you end up having to sacrifice the quality of your music by playing through your Smartphone speaker. With Loxones Smart Home Music Servers and Speakers these questions are null and void. Your Smart Home will adjust volume levels as you walk through the property, it will learn (again) the times you generally prepare food daily by the time spent stood by the worktop or operating the oven and have your favourite playlists loaded and ready to go, meanwhile in the Living Room your music will be muted and even altered if required to play whoever is occupying the rooms playlists or even surround sound from your Smart TV, all this without even the touch of a button – Autopilot Living.

These examples are merely a few of an immense number of options available, take a look around the room your currently sitting in and take note of every piece of electrical equipment surrounding you. Whether plugged into a socket or installed into the fixed wiring each and every item can be incorporated into a Smart Home system. What more Loxone Smart Home systems are not just for New Builds, a range of wireless and retrofit items have been developed by Loxone to allow Smart installations to be carried out in any existing property!

Endless possibilities yet every day new ideas and designs are being created by Architects, Engineers and Homebuilders alike – this constant development really excites and drives us here at CES and is one of the many reasons we are looking forward to offering and leading the way for Smart Home services in a big way in the West Midlands and Wales.

We’re taking Smart Home bookings now with a view to start installations from as early as September, we’ll be offering Smart Home installations in the listed towns and surrounding areas however project dependant we will also be covering the breadth of the Midlands and Wales;

Shrewsbury, Telford, Wolverhampton, Oswestry, Welshpool, Whitchurch, Market Drayton, Newtown, Wrexham, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, Worcester, Leominster, Hereford, Crewe, Cannock

If you have any projects in mind or simply want to find out more then call us today for a friendly chat on

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