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360° Loxone Home Automation

At CES we’ve proudly partnered up with industry leaders Loxone in order to design, supply and install some of the ‘smartest’ smart homes in the region.

If your after a truly smart home you ought to be considering a bespoke all round package. Loxone’s vast catalogue can offer all of the following and much more wrapped up in one unique package;

  • Room by room smart lighting with a choice of full colour changing downlights, led tape and decorative light fittings – create lighting scenes to suit every mood.
  • Zoned heating allowing you to efficiently set the desired temperature for each room, what’s more the Loxone miniserver will learn the time taken to warm each room and start getting it up to temperature before you arrive home.
  • Door access keypads and intercoms with the ability to send live video straight to your Loxone app and allow access to your property with a click of a button – remotely.
  • Blinds and shutter control coupled with the Loxone weather station will predict the solar irradiation benefit for the day and automatically open or close the blinds depending on weather your home needs heating or cooling.
  • Integrated burglar alarms built into the Loxone motion sensors can warn and deter unwanted intruders and connect any live streaming devices you have directly to your Loxone app.
  • Multi-room audio finally gives you and your family the freedom to listen to individual radio stations or playlists throughout the house, whats more the Loxone app gives the ability to group rooms together for all to enjoy.
  • Multi-media cinema rooms with the ability to mix and match a variety of speakers, servers and KNX devices.

Everything is tidily managed, monitored and altered by Loxone’s heart of the system – the Miniserver with it’s super user friendly App – to get a better feel for it why not download and try the demo today at your smartphones store.


You may well have seen recent episodes of Grand Designs and the like where smart home installations have featured. For the most part what seems like miles and miles of cable basket has been installed crammed full of reams of pretty coloured communications cables – one for network, one for motion sensor, one for humidistat, one for thermostat, one for speaker and the list go’s on and on, however, with the innovative design of Loxone’s Tree cable both the time and the materials it would have conventionally taken to install a smart home have been dramatically reduced saving both time and money resulting in Loxone being an extremely competitive option over a number of it’s counterparts.

Loxone’s Tree cable works by combining both Extra Low Voltage power and Cat 7 communication cable in one allowing you, for example to both supply a ‘Loxone Tree Motion Sensor’ and a group of ‘Loxone Tree Downlights’ all with the same cable, whats more the range of Loxone Tree products communicate independently from one another with their own Loxone communication language, as each Tree product can be recognised independently by the Loxone Miniserver this allows for the option of using the same cable piggy backed from one item to the next, meaning a large number of Loxone Tree sensors, switches and downlights can all be installed on the same cable run. In theory a small 3 bedroom property with smart lighting, heating, shading and security could all be installed with just one cable – if that’s not innovative I’m not sure what is!

We’re happy to travel the West Midlands and Mid Wales to offer the Loxone package which can start as small or as extravagant as the imagination can take it. Below is a list of some of the few towns we serve;

 Shrewsbury Newtown Stoke-on-Trent
 Telford Wolverhampton Chester
 Oswestry Wrexham Birmingham
 Whitchurch Bridgnoth Stafford
 Market Drayton Ludlow Worcester
 Welshpool Hereford Crewe

For more information regarding Loxone or for a free no obligation site visit why not call us today on 01743 850067.

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