Commercial LED Lighting

A new incentive released by the Carbon Trust has helped encourage business’ into renewing their lighting installations. The enhanced capital allowance scheme (ECA) for energy saving technology’s rewards business’ who invest in low energy eco technologies by allowing them to write off the whole cost of the equipment (including labour and plant hire) against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

In short if a business investing £10,000 on ECA qualifying technology’s pays 20% corporation/income tax, their tax bill for the year of purchase would be reduced by £2000. With this incentive added to the vast energy saving costs of LED lighting, the installation and replacement of these systems are now proving to be financially viable investments.

We work closely with a number of UK lighting manufacturers and distributors to ensure we’re offering the highest quality (ECA approved) LED fittings at the best prices. If you’re interested in slashing your commercial fuel bills then call today for a free survey and estimation.

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