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The Smart Home electrical services at CES are something that we’re excited to include in the CES family and offer to our customers throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands and Mid Wales regions.

Being a youthful team we’re always looking to the future and researching technologies and products that we believe will have a big impact on both our and our customers lives. In our opinion the introduction of smart home systems fits that bill perfectly. The old phrase ‘I didn’t know I needed it until I got one’ often comes to mind when we talk to users of smart home technologies particularly in the case of our Loxone systems where a full bespoke installation can save you up to 50,000 tasks a year (far too much to list here!), this is one of many reasons we decided in 2017 to become a ‘Loxone Smart Home Silver Partner’ and to complete their thorough training program to allow us to design, supply and install our very own Loxone smart homes.

Loxone is a system that Director Joe Collison shows particular interest in. Having previously been heavily involved in the introduction and servicing of a number of new renewable technologies, EV charging points, smart thermostats, audio/visual and IT installations in Shropshire – Loxone’s ability to tie the control and maintenance of all those products together in one neat package is a solution to an issue that has long been frustrating for both him and his customers. Gone are the days of having an app to check the charge capacity of the Nissan Leaf, another to check the performance of the solar pv system and another to alter your Spotify playlist, with a Loxone smart home the Loxone app is now all you need.

Primarily our focus is supplying quality Loxone smart homes with simplified options consisting off for example smart zoned heating to the more complex full house systems covering security, audio, lighting, shading, heating and much much more, however we recognize that in this growing market there are many stand-alone products which can hold their own when it comes to their simplicity and installation namely ‘Smart Heating Controllers’, for this reason our engineers are also trained and competent in the installation of a number of popular and up and coming smart home stand-alone devices.

Although not exhaustive, below is a list of some of our more regular smart home installations and products, simply click through if you’d like to learn more about each technology. If you’d like to learn more about Loxone why not click the Loxone banner above or give us a call to talk about any of our installations on 01743 850067.


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